Sooner or later, everyone who has worked with Automic for some time will come across Philipp Elmer. Even if the name does not sound familiar to you, it is highly likely that you have discovered his AutomicBlog. It is the Number 1 place to go for all questions that probe below the surface of the software. Whoever seeks solutions regarding the database or SQL finds them here.

This blog, workshops in many countries, and his intensive collaboration with Automic (as Partner and Fully Certified Expert) has made him the recognized specialist worldwide when it comes to working with the Automic Automation Engine and the Automic Database.

As a freelance consultant and trainer, Philipp has helped many administrators and users of Automic Software have easier work days and better results. His important message:

“If you know the Database and have mastered SQL, Automic opens up whole new possibilities for organization, reports and problem analysis. Getting started is easier than you may think.”

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Philipp Elmer is official Automic Premium Service Partner. You may book him directly via Automic and you can be sure to get excellent services. Automic tests his knowledge on a regular basis and vouches for the quality.

Here is what workshop participants say about Philipp Elmer

I have seldom – when I think about it, never – experienced an instructor who has mastered his subject as well as Philipp Elmer.
Günther Sturm, Zusatzversorgungskasse des Baugewerbes AG
Philipp Elmer understands how to impart on his course participants his practical and logical approach for the creation of complex SQL statements.
Christian Kulovits, Austrian Airlines
Philipp Elmer communicates his knowledge differently than I’ve experienced with other trainings. More easygoing and relaxed – simply more pleasant.
Olaf Heeg, Standard Life Versicherung

And this is what Philipp Elmer says

I am a great fan of the Automation Engine. I await each new version of the software as eagerly as a kid waits for Christmas, because each time the functionality is improved.

Several things are important to me in my workshops:

  • You, the participant, should profit from the workshop as much as your company or your department

  • A well-balanced approach to theory and practice

  • Whether SQL guru or database newbie – everyone gains through my workshops

One of my highlight offers is the V10 – V12 New Features Power Workshop. I created it for everyone who is currently updating to V12 or thinking about the Upgrade. Is this something for you?

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