Last week I told you about the FOKUS conference in Darmstadt and had some thoughts on the event.

In one of the presentations at the conference, two support managers reported some interesting things about the Automic support. Unluckily — if you’ve read the other article, you’ll probably already suspect it — I am not supposed to talk about that in public.

But the support  managers also told something that I may well write about in public. Do not get your hopes up too much, anyhow, it’s just a trifle.

In the future, Broadcom will be using the mailing lists from the CA Support website to communicate to customers. So if you want to get news from Broadcom, you should sign up. And you should do that BEFORE MAY 23rd, as the support portal will merge to a different system.

You can do that as follows

  1. Go visit the CA Support Page.
  2. Login with your account or set up a new one, if you’re not already registered.
  3. Select the option “PROFILE” from the “MY ACCOUNT” menu.
  1. Select the link “Show My Notifications” from “My Product Notifications”.
  1. Select the notifications you want to receive.

That’s at least what they recommended in their talk. Whether Broadcom will actually use it and whether it works, as we hope… only time will show.

Another Way to Stay up to Date

There is, however, one more thing you can do to stay up to do date with everything Automic, no matter how good Broadcom will communicate in the future.

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