It is now a tradition almost like supermarkets filling their aisles with chocolate Santa Clauses in early October: Like in the last years, I have once again some book tips for you. I have enjoyed reading these books and I think they are perfect for sitting comfortably in the armchair with a warm tea and reading through them. Or you can use them as a last-minute Christmas present.


by Ola Rosling, Hans Rosling and Anny Rosling-Rönnlund

The world is better than you think!
This book showed me impressively how far away from reality my world view is in many areas! And not only mine.
Or did you know, for example, that the proportion of the population living in extreme poverty has halved in the last 20 years?
And what do you think, how many of the one-year-old children around the world today are vaccinated against at least one disease? 20, 50 or 80%? Anyway, the right answer (80%) surprised me a lot!

The Uninhabitable Earth

by David Wallace-Wells

Factfulness shows the many positive developments in the world – but also talks about the one topic where there has been no improvement over the past 30 years: climate change. That’s why I read a little more about it – just before the topic took over the news.
After a few chapters of “The Uninhabitable Earth”, I started feeling the panic that Greta Thunberg always talks about. The time to act has come – for a while now – and the effects of climate change are already evident everywhere.
The author looks into the near future and describes possible effects of climate change. I found it fascinating, that science can calculate exactly how the earth will look and feel with 1.5, 2, 2.5 or even more degrees of warming. Also, they know quite well how much CO2 leads to what degree of warming. The only reason why there is always talk of “possible effects” is the unpredictability of human action. David Wallace-Wells makes tangible what happens if we do nothing and carry on as before – hence the title of the book.

The Christmas Train

by David Baldacci

Of course, I do not only enjoy serious topics like the above. At Christmas, I also like to read a relaxing book with a bit of Christmas spirit. If you know the author, do not expect a typical Baldacci here. The Christmas Train is not a thriller with a Secret Service Agent saving the world.
Instead, it’s the beautiful story of a train ride through the US. Your pulse will never reach thriller levels. It is cozy, interesting, by no means boring, simply a feel-good-book. Exactly the right thing to enjoy in front of the fireplace, with the above-mentioned cup of tea while outside it’s storming or snowing.

Happy Holidays

If you, too, have good reading recommendation for me: Write me a comment. Especially in winter, I enjoy delving into a good book, whether novel or nonfiction.

And with that, I wish you a nice, quiet and cozy Christmas!

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