If you are subscribed for the Broadcom Newsletter you should have received a quite surprising mail last week:

Capture is Broadcom’s new strategic partner in the DACH region. The company is based in Austria, more precisely in my favorite city and – completely objectively – the most beautiful city in the world: Vienna 🙂

Capture is not a new company, but already is a partner of CA / Broadcom, but not in the Automic area.

The Automic newsletter also mentions two contacts: Günther Flamm and Mike Kraume. Both were longtime Automic employees and I have known them for a long time.

As the announcement from Broadcom raises some questions, I immediately contacted Günther and squeezed him a bit about what this partnership means for Automic’s DACH customers.

Maintenance and Support

Capture is your new, additional contact for licenses and questions about maintenance and support – in German language.

Capture has hired former, longtime Automic employees for the new Automic Business Unit and will continue to expand the team in this area in the future.

Regardless of whether you’re a new or existing customer, customer directly from Broadcom or cared for by the Prague Call-Center: Every Automic customer in DACH can talk to Capture (Günther, Mike and Team) about Automic licensing and maintenance issues . Cool, right?

One important note about this: You can not rely on Capture to get in touch with you, but you need to get in touch with them. This is due to the GDPR. Capture still does not have permission from you to contact you. So you have to take the first step if you want to get into conversation with Capture.

And what about Services?

You can also contact Capture for services (= consulting and training).

As you probably know, there are several other partners for this in German-speaking countries. And on December 3, 2018, Broadcom has already announced a partner via email: the company HCL as a “Preferred Services Partner”.

Unlike HCL, Capture is not limited to services.

But on the topic “Services for Automic relate” I will publish very soon another blog post.

My Personal Conclusion to the News

Broadcom continues to develop the Automic platform strategically and with full vigor.

My impression is that Capture will close an important gap that opened in Automic’s takeover marathon: a German-speaking sales representative and German-language support.

And we as customers have to get used to the fact that we no longer receive Automic services (sales, support, services) directly from Automic / Broadcom, but have partners as contact persons.

Capture will need a bit of time until all areas are fully developed – I wish them every success and all the best!

Finally, I have here for you the contact details of the two contact persons at Capture:

Am Belvedere 8, QBC 3
1100 Wien

Mr. Günther Flamm
Mobile: +43 664 3926476

Mr. Mike Kraume
Mobile: +49 174 3334432

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