Automation Engine Database Knowledge Workshop

Three days, three modules, invaluable knowledge

  • You are working with Automic Software, yet the database is still a total mystery to you?
  • You have been working with the database, but still don’t know exactly all of its capabilities?
  • You feel at home in the database and speak SQL fluently, but are always looking for more elegant and quicker solutions?

For all of you, I have developed the AE Database Knowledge Workshop in cooperation with Automic.

With this official training we help you to become acquainted with the database and the access to it. With this, you’ll be able to find simple solutions to your problems all on your own.

Experience whole new dimensions of the Automation engine:

One step ahead of other Automic users

The database contains all relevant information about your Automic Setup and its processes. With SQL you can access this information – if you know how and where. The database is extremely complex and only if you know its structure, you can find the tables and fields you need. Accessing the data must also be safe and clear, so others may understand your SQL. In the AE Database Knowledge Workshop you will learn how it works.

  • find your way around your database, tables and data fields.
  • write your own best-practice database queries.
  • access your database securely without endangering your whole system.
  • leave the limitation of the user interface behind and use unimagined functionality of the software.

In order for you to stay up-to-date and continue to profit after attending the workshop, you will also receive the following documents, including free updates on all changes:

  • Training notes with extensive documentation on the Automation Engine Database (including free updates for 1 year)
  • Three cheat sheets to simplify your daily work (including free updates for 1 year)
  • The complete database change log for Versions v8 through v11 (including free updates for 1 year)

Visit my workshop and learn how to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Automic Automation Engine.

  • Three days of intensive Training with your certified coach Philipp Elmer
  • Official Training, developed in cooperation with Automic
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical examples
  • Including extensive materials, cheat sheets and the complete Database Changelog from v8 to v12.2 (plus 1 year of free updates)
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What previous workshop attendees have to say:

For me, this training was one of the most interesting and best prepared workshops that I have ever attended within the UC4/Automic Training Programs. This applies to both content and teaching method.
Ulrich Herz, Hannover Rück SE
This course is excellent for refreshing ones SQL knowledge and for gaining a well-explained overview of how the Automic AE Database is structured. I’m now able to answer audit’s questions and to conduct my own statistical analyses – quickly and efficiently.
Andreas Büsching, best-blu consulting with energy GmbH