Individualized Automation Engine Training

Custom-tailored for you, your team and your processes

Each organization uses Automic differently: You drive different processes. End systems and software solutions differ and are individually pieced together. During the implementation of solutions you are guided by varying standards. Therefore, teams operate under different levels of basic knowledge because everyone knows those functionalities best that are used the most.

This is why out-of-the-box solutions, such as Automic Basics Training, is often insufficient. The training lasts for a total of 8 days. That is too long for somewhat more experienced users. In addition, no consideration is given to your individual processes.

With my individualized training I build on your actual capabilities and add the new skills which will help you in your daily work.

Many organizations suffer from following problems

Your benefits at a glance

  • Training of your team in-house and according to your schedule
  • Custom-tailored specifically to your needs
  • Your team learns exactly the processes it needs
  • There are no public workshops available for specific subjects
  • The timeframe is governed by your expectations
Philipp Elmer

What are your or your team’s problems when using Automic? What capabilities are missing? I develop my training, my materials and the tasks specifically to meet your needs.

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