Sometimes you simply need an outsider to clean up habitual processes and improve them. I will analyze your automated processes, develop and implement new solutions and give your team the know-how to properly handle the new processes – and to find the right solutions on their own in the future.

When is my consulting helpful to you?

  • You have a specific problem and need an expert to help you out.
  • Your company has used Automic for years; however, the processes were never adapted to new versions.
  • You want to generally improve the performance and effectiveness of your setup.
  • Your setup functions well, but you believe that it could work even better.

A few days of consulting, long-term effect

I do not offer long-drawn-out consultations that cost a lot of money and impede your business for a long time. My consulting lasts for just a few days, during which I find your problems, improve your processes and train your employees in how to handle the new implementation.

The Consulting Process

1. Preparation

Even before I show up at your company, I review all materials you have sent me, try to pinpoint problems and begin to develop first steps towards a solution.

2. Analysis

Locally, I examine your entire setup to discover what functions inconveniently, incorrectly, or not at all.

3. Implementation

After discussions with you and your team, I go to work on a targeted and sustainable implementation of my new solutions. Of course, good documentation is included.

4. Testing

All processes are thoroughly tested. Everything must function absolutely without a hitch.

5. Coaching

With final coaching, your employees learn how to use the new implementation and improve their handling of the Automation Engine at the same time.

Case Study

This financial enterprise benefitted from my consulting

This customer, who did not wish to be named, experienced what many others do: For Version 8 of the AE there was an SQL script which accessed the database and delivered user-defined analyses. This script was huge – and after the update to Version 9 it no longer functioned. Also, the original developer was no longer available.

I was retained as an expert and visited the customer for the analysis. Back in my office, I penetrated the script through reverse engineering, simplified it and adapted it to Version 9. I completely rebuilt the reporting job, tested it, and documented it in such a way that with any future problems solutions can be found more quickly.

After extensive testing directly on the customer’s system, I installed the new solution and put it into operation. In a final workshop, I explained the new jobs in detail to the employees.

The customer benefited from:

  • Functional and tested scripts.
  • Simple and comprehensible SQL.
  • Employees who understand the new functions.
  • Detailed documentation.

This way, with the next version update everything will work without two days of reverse engineering.


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What previous clients have to say:

Philipp Elmer has helped us to define and implement an optimal design for the automation of our processes. Above all, however, he ensured that we understand the solution and can maintain it by ourselves in the future.

Thus, we not only have an elegant implementation of our requirements but also the full control over it.

Rajeev Sharma, Erste Group IT International