Workshops usually take several days, in some cases even more than one week. Many companies are not able to spare their Automic users for that long. E-Learning is the perfect alternative.

  • E-Learning can be done right at your desk.
    Therefore, it does not keep you from your work all that much.

  • E-Learning allows you to freely determine your own schedule.
    You will receive a license for a certain period of time and can study at your discretion during that time.

  • You can use your own learning habits.
    Study at mornings, at evenings, in large or in small batches.

  • You can repeat lessons at will.
    Go back to important lessons time and again.

  • You can keep track of your progress.
    Lessons you have already completed will be marked.

Customized E-Learning

You want all the advantages of individual training, but cannot send your staff off to a long outside training course? That’s exactly the problem my customized E-Learning solves.

  • You choose the contents
  • You determine the format
  • I develop the perfect E-Learning for your team

  • Accompanying materials and exercises are included

  • Interactive training and support via email or Web-E are available as options

Inquire now without obligation

Ready-made Video Training

I will soon launch ready-made E-Learning on several select subjects.

Here are some topics I am working on:

  • Introduction to the AWI

  • Dealing with new features after version updates (For example V10 to V12)

Inquire now without obligation

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