Since the Automic Version 12 is out, my V10 – V12 New Features Power Workshop has been an enormous success. I host this workshop around 20 times every year, and the demand is pretty high.

If you now wonder, why you never had the opportunity to visit one of the workshops, there might be a simple answer: Up until today, I’ve publicly held the workshop only in German (though I have taught on-site workshops in English). Organizing public workshops in the UK or the US is just a bit of a hassle.

Lately, several English-speaking Automic users have asked me for the workshop, so I came up with a different solution.

I have adapted the workshop to an online format and will offer this for the very first time from July 1st to July 3rd (take a look at the detailed time table below).

There are two versions of this Workshop: One for designers (aka Workflow Builders) and one for admins.

What You Will Get with Both Workshops

  • Access to Online Oourse “Transition to the AWI
    This video training consists of 46 lessons and helps you to get familiar with the AWI. All the lessons of this course are permanently available to you.

  • Access to Online Course “V12 Analytics
    This short video training explains the analytics functionality that was introduced with Automic V12. It is free anyway so that you can take a look at it right now.

  • Complete Handbook of the “V10-V12 New Features Power Workshop”
    This handbook usually only comes with the in-person New Features Power Workshop. It contains all the workshop content and helps you to understand all Automic versions since V12.

  • The Main Event: 2 Live WebEx Sessions
    Over a total of 8 hours, I will explain to you the new features and show you in several use-cases, how you can work most efficiently with Automic.

  • Question and Answer Session
    In this 1 hour Q&A session, you have the opportunity to ask me all the questions you still have after the workshop sessions.

  • Cloud-Based Training Environment Running V12.2
    You want to try out the stuff you learn, right? That’s why the workshop also includes access to a cloud-based training evironment running V12.2. The environment will be open for a total of three weeks, starting 1 week before the first WebEx and closing after the Q&A session.

Extra Content for Administrators

Everyone who wants to dive in a bit deeper and wants to learn about some functionality that is especially important for administrators can book this extended version of the workshop. You will get everything from the base workshop plus some bonuses.

  • Additional 4hrs Admin Training Session
    In this WebEx, you will learn some admin-relevant content.

  • Addition 1hr Q&A
    This Q&A is only for participants of the admin workshop so that we can concentrate on the more technical issues.

How to Register for the Workshop

Now the thing is: I can only afford to offert this new workshop format if at least 4 people register for it. So if you are interested, it would be great if you could write me an email right away.


  • Access to Online Course “Transition to the AWI”
  • Access to Online Course “V12 Analytics”
  • Handbook “V10 – V12 New Features Power Workshop”
  • 8hrs Live WebEx Session
  • 1hr of Live Q&A
  • Access to cloud-based training environment


  • Access to Online Course “Transition to the AWI”
  • Access to Online Course “V12 Analytics”
  • Handbook “V10 – V12 New Features Power Workshop”
  • 12hrs Live WebEx Session
  • 2hrs of Live Q&A
  • Access to cloud-based training environment

Time Table for the Workshop

WebEx 1 WebEx 2 WebEx 3 Q&A 1 Q&A 2 Cloud Environment
Designers & Admins Designers & Admins Admins only Designers & Admins Admins only Designers & Admins
July 1st July 2nd July 3rd July 15th July 15th June 24th to July 15th
1pm – 5pm UTC 1pm – 5pm UTC 1pm – 5pm UTC 1pm – 2pm UTC 2pm – 3pm UTC

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