Christmas is upon us and a very exciting year is coming to an end.

As always, I like to take this opportunity to review the last few months and think about what happened.

Broadcom Takeover

At the end of this year, there was once again a bang in the Automic world: After last year only Automic was bought by CA technologies, has now taken over the semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom CA.

So far, I have withheld comments, because there is hardly any concrete information as to what will happen after this acquisition with Automic, yet.

You can read a few press releases here, here and here. I plan to write more about this as soon as I have a more accurate picture of the situation.

Automic Version 12.2

The other important news to Automic this year was the V12.2. With this new version, the AWI and the Analytics have been significantly improved and some other important new features have been improved, such as version control.

I have already written a few articles here:

My E-Learnings

I, too, had a personal project of the year: I have set up an E-Learning online platform. You can buy a big video training that helps you transition to the AWI, or test a smaller, free e-learning about the V12 Analytics.

More information is available here:

The AutomicBlog

This year, I had to cut back with my blog as there was a lot of other stuff to do. I would still like to highlight one article here. In February, I had the opportunity to interview two experts from Automic about user experience.

It was extremely interesting to get an insight into their decision making process.

Tips for the Holidays

It’s almost a tradition: in my Christmas article I give some reading tips. So, here we go again.

Harry Potter

This year I have nothing about automation and robots for you, but a classic: The Harry Potter series! I like to read it again and again and the books just have this amazing feel-good factor, that perfectly fits the cold season.

Da Vinci Biography

For those who are not so keen on fantasy novels or magic, I have another recommendation: Walter Issacson, who became world-famous with Steve Jobs’ biography, now released a biography of Leonardo Da Vinci in October. I am currently reading this, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to read biographies or is interested in the Renaissance!

Finally, I have one more tip for you. I started to  learn meditation this year and incorporated it into my daily routine. It helps a lot to sort your thoughts and increases your productivity tremendously.

Maybe that’s also something for you. Especially around Christmas, it might to be a good idea to find a bit of quiet and peace.

In any case, I wish you all a nice, relaxing Christmas and a happy new year.

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